Participating Communities

The ground-breaking research conducted by the ACHH Initiative would not be possible without the wisdom and insight provided by participating Maritime Indigenous communities.

Eskasoni First Nation members participated in the initial research, funded by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation. They invited us into their homes and community and shared their personal, sometimes difficult stories in the hope of contributing knowledge and improving the health and lives of Indigenous children. The Eskasoni community will continue to take part in the ongoing research.

ACHH Maritimes

After the initial pilot project in Eskasoni First Nation, the ACHH Initiative work (supported by Canadian Institutes of Health Research) expanded to four Maritime provinces including three Mi’kmaq and one Maliseet community. All communities have their own health centre staffed by nurses and physicians and we rely on a community-based approach to collaboratively work with participating communities.

Participating Communities:

ACHH National

We are actively networking with Indigenous communities from across Canada to begin the ACHH National expansion. Our efforts continue to rely on a community-based approach as we expand our research to additional provinces/territories with funding support from Chronic Pain SPOR Network and the IWK Health Centre.