Early Findings



Since 2008, The ACHH Initiative has been collaborating with Elders, different Mi’kmaq Maritime communities, community leaders, clinicians, Indigenous youth to gather artwork and first-hand experiences. The ACHH Initiative Team is proud to share the knowledge and findings to the public, healthcare practitioners, community leaders and clinicians.

Presentations, Publications and Media

Presentations, Publications and Media

Explore the publications, presentations and media related to the ACHH Initiative findings. The publications, presentations and media appearances helps encourage further community engagement work and collaborations.

FIRST Approach

The FIRST Approach

The ACHH Initiative developed the FIRST Approach to help clinicians improve their health care interactions with Indigenous children and youth.

The Kids Hurt App

The Kids Hurt App

The Kids Hurt App will allow Indigenous children to articulate their pain and hurt through stories and descriptions, while remaining stoic in their pain expression.