Online Educational Offerings

Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS): “The Canadian Paediatric Society is one of more than 11 national organizations involved in a long-term initiative to reduce the health inequities facing First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and youth in Canada.”

Many Hands One Dream“Many Hands, One Dream offers a new perspectives on the health of First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and youth is a collaborative initiative aimed at building a new vision of health that has children, youth and families at its core.”

Tri-Council Policy Statement 2nd Edition (TCPS 2) – Chapter 9 Ethics and Conducting Research with Aboriginal Communities: “This chapter on research involving Aboriginal peoples in Canada, including Indian (First Nations1), Inuit and Métis peoples, marks a step toward establishing an ethical space for dialogue on common interests and points of difference between researchers and Aboriginal communities engaged in research.”

Mi’kmaq Resource Centre: “The Mi’kmaq Resource Centre, part of Unama’ki College of Cape Breton University,  is a repository of documents and a dedicated space for Aboriginal research at CBU. The Mi’kmaq Resource Centre collects material on Mi’kmaq and Aboriginal history, language, and culture.”