Presentations and Publications

Upcoming Exhibit Dates

September 2017

September 22-24, 2017 – Provincial Pediatric Pain Managment Symposium. Vancouver, BC

October 2017

October 11, 2017 – PICH2Go Indigneous. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia,  Halifax, NS

Past Exhibit Dates


  • Dalhousie University Indigenous Health Interest Group, Dr. Nadine Caron Speaking Event.  Halifax, NS (March)


  • Conquer the Hurt Conference. SickKids.  Toronto, ON (November)
  • Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centres Annual Conference. Halifax, NS (October)
  • IWK Health Centre. Halifax, NS (August)
  • Chalmers Hospital. Fredericton, NB (August)
  • St Mary’s First Nation Cultural Centre. St. Mary’s, NB (August)
  • National Aboriginal Day Event. Lennox Island, PEI (June)
  • Prince County Hospital. Summerside, PEI (June)
  • Canadian Pediatric Society 93rd Annual Conference. Charlottetown, PEI (June)
  • Millbrook First Nation, NS (May)
  • Eskasoni First Nation, NS (May)
  • Colchester Regional Hospital. Truro, NS (May)
  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Sydney, NS (May)
  • University of Toronto Indigenous Health Conference. Toronto, ON (May)

Upcoming Speaking Engagments

June 2017
Canadian Pediatric Society Conference.  Vancouver, BC
June 1-4, 2017

Indigenous Health Research Caucus.  Parliament Hill – Ottawa, ON
June 5, 2017

Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech. Halifax, NS
June 7, 2017

September 2017
Provincial Pediatric Pain Managment Symposium. Vancouver, BC
September 22-24, 2017

Past Speaking Engagements

International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health. Denver, Colorado (March/April)
Dr. Nadine Caron Speaking Event. Dalhousie University Halifax, NS (March)

Conquer the Hurt Conference. SickKids Toronto, ON (November)
PEI Front-line Workers.  Charlottetown, PEI (September)
Halifax Central Library.  Halifax, NS (May)
Nation 2 Nation Speaker Series. Cape Breton University Sydney, NS (January)
Global Health Fair. IWK Health Centre Halifax, NS (January)

International Forum of Pediatric Pain. White Point Beach, NS (October)
Pain in Child Health Strategic Training Conference. Halifax, NS (October)
Dalhousie Dentistry School 4th Year Student Presentation. Halifax, NS (October)
Gorsebrook Junior High. Halifax, NS (October)
International Meeting on Indigenous Child Health. Ottawa, ON (March)
Canadian Pain Society Scientific Conference. Charlottetown, PEI (May)
Gorsebrook Junior High. Halifax, NS (February)
Riverside Educational Centre. Milford, NS (January)

Unamaki Health Director Meeting. Dartmouth, NS. (December)
Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre. Halifax, NS. (November)
University of Toronto Indigenous Health Conference. Toronto, ON (November)
Unama’ki College, Cape Breton University. Sydney, NS (November)

Dalhousie University Research in Medicine series. Halifax, NS (November)
Dalhousie University School of Nursing Scholars Series. Halifax, NS (October)
Canadian Pain Society Annual Conference. Winnipeg, MB (May)
Dalhousie University Youth in Challenging Contexts Funder Presentation. Halifax, NS (January)

Atlantic Provinces Inter-Professional Pain Conference. Halifax, NS (September)

Harman, K. (2015). Interpretation of the experience of pain:  Using a two-eyed approach to address a clinically relevant health issue.  Physiotherapy Practice 15(2). 25-27.

Latimer, M., Finley, G.A., Rudderham, S., Inglis, S., Francis, J., Young, S., & Hutt-MacLeod, D. (2014).  “Expression of pain in Mi’kmaq children from one Atlantic Canadian community: A qualitative study”  Canadian Medical Association Journal Open, 2(3): E133-E138

Latimer, M., Simandl, D., Finley, A., Rudderham, S., Harman, K., Young, S., MacLeod, E., Hutt-MacLeod, D., & Francis, J. (2014). Understanding the impact of the pain experience on Aboriginal children’s wellbeing: Viewing through a Two-Eyed Seeing lens”. First Peoples Child and Family Review, 9(1): 22-37.

Latimer, M., Young, S., Dell, C., & Finley, G. A. (2012). “Aboriginal children and physical pain: What do we know?” Journal of Aboriginal Health. 9(1): 7-14.

ACHH Promotional Reel
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Developed by Allie Turner (Summer Student 2017).

Operation Blue Sky Application Video
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Izaak Magazine (Spring/Summer 2013).  Lost in Translation: Aboriginal Children’s Pain

Canadian Nurse (April 2013). No Place Like Home