The LISTEN Approach originally came about during the ACHH National work. When speaking with the participating Elders, clinicians and youth the belief of re-establishing balance was mentioned. The notion of balance refers back to the Scared Medicine Wheel and how health is a balance of each dimension. In relation to balance, the necessity to re-establish or maintain balance was considered extremely important. As a result, the LISTEN acronym was conceptualized as strategies to re-establish or maintain balance.

What Does It Stand For?

See below what each part of the LISTEN approach stands for.

Publications and Other Resources

We are currently awaiting approval for the manuscript explaining the origin and meaning behind the LISTEN Approach. In the meantime we welcome you to take notice to a section of the ACHH National poster that also touches on the LISTEN acronym.

Keep your eyes open for an update and a link to the manuscript.

(Above): A section of the ACHH National poster pertaining to the LISTEN acronym. To view the full poster click here.