Current Research

Youth Art

ACHH National

ACHH National involves the expansion of our previous ACHH Maritimes work through the addition of partnering sites from across Canada. Youth, Elders and health professionals have participated in conversation sessions sharing their experiences and youth have also taken part in art-based workshops to encourage the use of art to share their pain experiences. In addition, ACHH National involves the development of research-based tools such as the Kids Hurt App and an online cultural safety in healthcare training program. For further details, click here.


Community Led Solutions

Results from our original exploratory ACHH Maritimes work identified an increased rate of Ear and Oral health conditions and disproportionate access to Mental Health services for Mi’kmaw children and youth in Nova Scotia when compared to non-Mi’kmaw children. As a result, funding was obtained for the Community Led Solutions project which focuses on exploring the Mi’kmaw healthcare experiences associated with these three factors. Environmental scans determining each community’s service access and conversation sessions with youth, parents and health professionals are all currently taking place in order to develop community-led solutions to address these disproportionate rates.


COVID-19 – Mi’kmaq Community Protective Factors, Testing Rates and Outcomes

With Indigenous communities being disproportionately at risk for things like pre-existing conditions, overcrowding and insufficient housing and inadequate access to clean water, the ACHH Initiative partnered with Tajikeimik (Mi’kmaw Health Authority) and the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw communities to explore testing rates, protective factors and outcomes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.