Cultural Safety Training Modules


Since 2019 our team has been involved in the development and implementation of an Inter-professional health course which is now mandatory for all 1st year Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental and Dental Hygiene students at Dalhousie University to complete. Inter-Professional Introduction to Cultural Safety in Healthcare for Indigenous People has had overwhelming positive evaluations and as a result the ACHH Initiative team has begun to develop this course into an online, training module-based course to be offered to current practicing health professionals at IWK Health and beyond.

The ACHH team is currently piloting this online training with 20 IWK physicians and nurses to participate in this online, training module-based course. This course began in January 2023 and is projected to be completed in May 2023.

More to Come

The ACHH team is currently working hard to create the content for the modules. We are so close to completion and are beyond excited to get this training started.

Keep checking back to see the latest on ACHH’s work and progress!