The FIRST Approach


Through evidence based research the ACHH Initiative developed the FIRST Approach – a tool to help clinicians improve their healthcare interactions with Indigenous children and youth. For a better understanding of the research process that led to the development of the FIRST Approach check out ACHH’s publication.

FIRST Approach

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Latimer, M., Sylliboy, J., Francis, J., Amey, S., Rudderham, S., Finley, G.A., MacLeod, E. & Paul, K. (2020).  Co-creating better health experiences for First Nation Children and Youth: The FIRST approach emerges from Two-Eyed Seeing. Pediatric & Neonatal Pain, 2(4). 104-112.

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If you’re interested in more in-depth training check out Dalhousie University’s Dalhousie IPHE: Cultural Safety in Healthcare for Indigenous People course.