About the Initiative

The Issue

A child’s expression of pain experiences is complex, and related to social and cultural factors. Our research shows that the way Aboriginal children’s pain is assessed and treated by non-Aboriginal health care providers can be ineffective, and have a range of far-reaching negative effects.

Our Approach: Two-Eyed Seeing

Our research embraces the strengths of Aboriginal and Western knowledge, using the Two-Eyed Seeing approach.  Two-Eyed Seeing embodies both Indigenous and Western world views, acknowledging that no single perspective is better.

Knowledge & Research

The ACHH Initiative’s ultimate goal is to gather and combine traditional and Western knowledge to better understand how Aboriginal children’s pain is experienced, expressed, interpreted, assessed and treated.

Project History

In 2008, Dr. Margot Latimer and Dr. Allen Finley of the IWK Health Centre Complex Pain Team noticed something startling; only an estimated 2 out of 800 children referred to the Centre in its 17-year history were Aboriginal.

Research in Action

The ACHH App will allow children to articulate their pain and hurt through stories and descriptions, while remaining stoic in their pain expression.

Support ACHH

The ACHH Initiative is looking for financial support for its ongoing research. The team is hoping to expand the scope of research to include more Aboriginal communities and provide more educational and training resources for health clinicians.