Mobilizing Indigenous Knowledge for Culturally Safe Research, Education and Practice

The Aboriginal Children’s Hurt and Healing (ACHH) Initiative is collaborating with communities and clinicians to bridge the gap in understanding Indigenous children’s pain and hurt, aiming to improve healthcare experiences.

About the Initiative

The ACHH Initiative is working with communities and clinicians to bridge the gap in our understanding of Indigenous children’s pain and hurt. We hope to design tools for culturally appropriate communication and treatment.

Community Members

Are you a community member that participated in our work? Would you like your community to take part in our research? See what we’ve learned so far and how we plan to move forward.

For Academics

Academic & Health Professionals

There’s lots of ways to improve the healthcare experience for Indigenous children and youth. Education is the first step! Learn more about ACHH’s research and the FIRST Approach developed for health professionals.

If we only treat one thing such as our body, and our spirit isn’t healthy and our minds and thoughts aren’t healthy, then how can you be healthy?

– Elder