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Indigenous children and families are often misunderstood and mistreated by healthcare professionals – an issue at the heart of the Aboriginal Children’s Hurt & Healing Initiative (ACHH Initiative).

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Knowledge & Research

The ACHH Initiative’s ultimate goal is to gather and combine traditional and Western knowledge to better understand how Indigenous children’s pain is experienced, expressed, interpreted, assessed and treated.

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Research in Action – The ACHH App

The ACHH App will allow children to articulate their pain and hurt through stories and descriptions, while remaining stoic in their pain expression.

FIRST Approach

Our Progress

The first step in understanding the way Indigenous children express their hurt is to establish culturally-safe approaches to pain care.

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One of the most important aspects of the ACHH Initiative is to share our findings with clinicians and students to improve how they communicate with, assess and treat Indigenous children.



Recent publications, presentations and media related to the ACHH Initiative findings further community engagement work.

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ACHH Initiative team members regularly travel around the country to share the research findings and start the conversation about improving healthcare experiences for Aboriginal children/youth.


Early Findings

One of our earliest findings was that, despite the high prevalence of pain conditions among Aboriginal children, there were only an estimated 2 out of 800 Aboriginal children who were referred to the IWK Health Centre’s Complex Pain Team from across the Maritime Provinces